Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Well, it's actually tomorrow but since I don't blog on weekends, today it is.

My beautiful diva Audrey Margaret is turning 8 officially at about 9:30 tomorrow morning. Love you, baby girl! Here's our schedule of events. At 2pm her 4 best friends will arrive. We'll decorate pink foam visors then have a "mum decorated" cake in the shape of an "8" and presents. Then it's off to the movies in my minivan to see "Cars".

After the movie everyone will go home with a custom made, hot pink commemorative birthday t-shirt designed by Audrey and yours truly. Of course my loathing for candy/dollar store junk toy loot bags never makes the "thank you for coming to the party" gift a simple prospect. Which is why I'm posting yet another short blog. I've got to find pictures of each girls' favourite animals for the shirts. A monkey, a rabbit, two cats and a hamster.

All this and Father's Day on Sunday, too. Please don't feel bad for Scott potentially feeling ignored. He's going to the Ottawa Air Show Sunday slobbering all over the WWII planes and stuff so he'll be happy as a pig in poop. And he's getting presents too. All I can say is, I can't wait until Monday.

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