Friday, June 2, 2006

I hate Crocs

You know those new plastic/rubber clogs that everyone is wearing? You know, the ones that come in tons of colours? Worn by both guys and girls? That should be an ick giveaway right there. Unisex shoes that aren't sneakers? Errr, yeah. Anyway, I've got one word to say about them. Yuck.

I'm a fashion victim. I'll jump on any trend that passes my way but I just can't get into this one. They may be comfortable and a shoe revolution or whatever but man, they're glorified Dutch wooden shoes. Does anyone find them sexy? Comfy, yes. Matchy, maybe. But sexy? I'd like to see the person that thinks so. Anyway, I wouldn't be caught dead in them. I truly apologise if you love them and have a pair in every colour but they just aren't for me.

Still, I wanted to give them a fighting chance. Who am I to let a fashion trend pass me by? So today at the mall I actually tried a pair on. Black so I wouldn't be influenced by a weird colour. And they're just as ugly looking down at them as they are from across a room. As I put them back on the rack still marvelling at their popularity, I saw them. Black and red Croc flip flops. Totally normal looking and just as comfy as the ugly brutes I just put back. SOLD! A little expensive but they're worth it. So now I'm on the bandwagon like everyone else but still look oh so cute. Everyone's happy. Have a good weekend. I'm off for a walk with my new Crocs.

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