Friday, June 23, 2006

Looking forward to the weekend

It'll be the first non-rainy one in weeks and I'm busy again but it's all about me baby!

A half hour ago I was at an end of summer pageant at Elliott and Audrey's school. It was really cute (that's the word I chose and I'm sticking to it). Actually, seeing a class of kindergarteners sing YMCA was absolutely flippin' hysterical. Now the weekend is all mine.

I get to dragon boat my face off (well, more like my back off but you get the drift). The family will drop me off and watch my first race at 11am then play at the beach and go home. I'll be left to my own devices for pretty much the rest of the weekend since there are races both days. What kind of mischief will I get into? I'll let you know on Monday.

So, what are your plans?

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