Thursday, June 22, 2006

I finally SAW it!

Last night we were wrapping up dinner, clearing the table, minding my own business when I see my family on tv. They played that commercial we shot where we passed the salad. How surreal is it to watch your family having dinner on tv while having dinner with your family? Very.

We all look great but we're not on for very long. Of course there's a lingering shot of yours truly looking like someone farted while the voiceover asks "how do you like your chicken?". Ummm... influenza free? Hoo boy. I got a call right after from my neighbour Norah saying she saw us too. So we're famous. Keep your eyes on CBC between now and Canada Day for us.

Okay, onto money matters. That's right, I'm asking you all for cash. Don't worry, I'm easy to ignore since you can just pretend you didn't read my blog today. I can see how many hits it got but not who read it so you're safe. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't give me you're hard earned money.

See, I'm soliciting for donations for my dragon boat team. Your pledge will go to 4 kick ass charities here in Ottawa: Rogers House, Junior Achievement of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa Special Olympics, and Centretown Laundry Co-op. Click here to make me a very, very happy and grateful woman. We're called "The Bold, Bald and Beautiful". Even $2 will do some good. Come on. Be a friend.

I'll be awaiting the floods of cash...

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