Monday, June 26, 2006

My awesome weekend

Dragonboat weekend was fantastic. I'll break it down into manageable chunks:

-Bold Bald and Beautiful's best time all weekend (4 races): 2:13:52... ranked 32 out of 190 boats

-Best time of the weekend: 1:55:28 (our coach Bevin was on that team)

-Best moment of terror: When we couldn't find Justin and we had to sneak someone else onto our team to paddle

-Best cookies: Mine. The secret recipe I used for the oatmeal raisin cookies got absolute raves. Thanks forever, sweetie!

-Worst start: Our second race on Saturday. We were dicking around trying to get the boat straight when the cannon went. Thank goodness we recovered well.

-Most kick-ass day: Tied. Saturday and Sunday were both amazing. Sunny and perfect.\

-Most confused group of 24 people: Us on Sunday morning. After our second race we weren't sure if we'd get to race again. We ended up not having to but were we ever mixed up. People were leaving, disassembling our camp, going to the beach, mentally already at home and we may have had to race again.

-Most irritating concession: The Caribbean food stand. I love a good roti or Jamaican patty. And to wash it down with a Ting. At lunchtime I go down there and ask for a chicken roti. All out. What about beef, I ask. Sold out. I was told they only have goat left. Ummm, goat? For a North American audience. I barely like it at my dad's. A patty then? None left. What about a Ting? Not allowed to sell them since Pepsi has the rights to this event. Then why is it advertised on your sign? Grrr.... I ended up with a chicken pita and a Dr. Pepper at another stand. Much easier and what do you know...available.

So I got tons of sun (yes, Black people tan), loads of exercise and hung out with the most fun, fit, people I know. If any of you ever get the chance to participate in this sport, please do it. You'll have the time of your life. We're already talking about maybe doing another festival in Carleton Place in September. I'm so in. I'll bring the cookies.

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