Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I love World Cup soccer. I've been watching tv unusually early (even for me) and vegging in front of the "beautiful game" all week. There have been 3 games per day on TSN since Saturday and I've watched nearly every one. How can you not enjoy soccer? It's got speed, drama (have you never seen a soccer player drop to the ground in apparent agony trying to get the ref's attention only to get up and score a goal seconds later?) and some of the hottest bods in sports.
Soccer players have all their own teeth and don't wear excessive padding like those hockey and football wimps. All they need is a cup and some shin pads. It also makes it easier to outfit your kid if they want to play an organised sport. Soccer players run and run and run. There are 2 45 minute halves and that's it. The time never stops and no weather short of a tsunami can stop a game. Sometimes the ref will add 2 or 3 minutes at the end of each half but a soccer game is rarely longer than 1 hour 40.

Soccer is simple. 17 laws. Follow them and truimph.

The fans are so passionate. They paint their faces, they wear their team colours, they scream, sing, set cars on fire and riot. Sometimes they even kill each other. That's dedication.

If someone gets hurt or kicked out of the game they aren't replaced. How cool is that? Talk about being penalised. The field is huge. Being a man down changes the whole dynamic of the game. And makes them have to run that much more. Making their bodies tired and more susceptible to getting hurt. Yet also making their bodies even more easy on the eyes. Ah, yes. The circle of hot.

Soccer is a game that gives the rest of the world a chance to excel. Yes, everyone knows the America is fantastic at every goddamned thing. Except soccer. It's nice to see teams like Togo and Croatia compete in this world class event.

Have you seen the size of the World Cup trophy? Your child probably has a bigger one in his bedroom. But it isn't about the size it's how you use it. Right boys?

The World Cup is only held every 4 years. I like soccer during the "off season" but adore it during the World Cup. Again it's my bandwagon nature. But I don't care. I'm having a ball. Well, gotta fly, it's Saudi Arabia/Tunisia match right now and Tunisia just scored.

Before I go, though, I'm sure you're curious as to who I'm rooting for. Well, I think Brazil (as usual) and England (David Beckham... yum) have a chance this year but I really don't care. I'm in it for the good plays and the awesome legs. Shallow, I know but that's me all over. See ya.

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