Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm here I'm here!

We had a really busy weekend again (does anyone actually get any rest on weekends?) and I'm dealing with the fallout. I was out doing the groceries.

Friday night I stayed up late baking a birthday cake and Saturday was, of course, Audrey's birthday party but that was only after a particularly bracing dragonboat practice. Before it started I put a crumb coat of frosting on the cake (that's all I had left). Then after I had to rush from the boat club to the grocery store to pick up more frosting, juice and cheesies before the party started.

No time for a shower, I slapped on some makeup, dumped the cheesies in a bowl and prepared the visor decorating activity. Thank God for my friend (and Audrey's Godmother) Paula. Once the girls arrived she kept them busy and singing and having a great time. When the cake and presents were done, it was off to the movies. Cars was okay, but as usual I took the opportunity of sitting still in a dark place and had a cleansing, restful nap.

Thank God (again) for my other friend Julie who came with us to the show and helped corral the girls and took them to the toilet while I caught those Zzzs.

I had told the parents to come get their daughters at 6pm but I looked at my watch while the movie was still on at about 6:10. Well, that's embarrassing. I became one of those people who use their cell phones in the theatre and made a desperate call to Scott at home to get him to stall them. Poor guy.

And this was just Saturday.

I won't to bore you anymore with details but just know the weekend was full of visitors, cake, gifts, cards and craziness. Scott didn't even get to open his Father's Day gifts until the kids' bedtime last night. Which is why I had to grocery shop today. And just a caveat about food shopping on a Monday. Don't. There's nothing fresh left and what is is (to put it kindly) suspect.
Now for a late lunch and some decadent soap watching. Don'tcha just love Mondays?

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