Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Ready to hear about my evening?

The family and I shot a television commercial! My friend Lisa works for the Chicken Farmers Of Canada and since the bird flu, chicken is getting a bad rep. She needed to make a "chicken is safe" commercial with a diverse looking family. Well you don't get anymore diverse than us. We're like black and white. Hee. Anyway, who else could she turn to but her old theatre company buddy? I work cheap and am willing to make an ass of myself. On a nationwide basis.

I'm so proud of my kids. They were hungry and bored after the 46th time we passed the salad-we-couldn't-eat around making pretend conversation. The ad is going to start with a scientist in a lab, then go a farmer, then to a beautiful, ethnically mixed family having a barbeque in their are-you-kidding-how-could-this-family-afford-that-gorgeously-manicured-backyard-with-a-pool all with a voiceover so our inane chatter won't be heard.

It was really interesting to see how these things are made. Scott (such a good sport) had to wear makeup and so did the boys, everytime the kids had an itch or fidgeted (or played pocket pool as was the case with Henry) we had to start again. I had to pass the bowl of salad to Audrey but not look at her as I did it because it wrecked the shot, we had to nod, smile and laugh even though we were saying things like "Do you think we're going to get it right this time?", "No, it'll be a miracle", "This is so boring" and "Are we done yet, I'm hungry". Elliott told me at one point that if someone could read lips they'd know we were talking gibberish and he's so right.

It was also a massive ego boost for me. As if I needed it. Everyone behaved extremely well even after 2 hours of passing a salad bowl around. The director said we all did well. Then he told me that the "camera loved me" and he wondered if I'd done any modelling. Yeah. I'm 30 pounds overweight, 20 years too old and barely taller than my 10 year old son. Tyra's banging down my door. But man, I was flattered. Then he asked for my "information" to potentially cast me in something else. Apparently the government is always looking for "diverse" faces for their ads. Cool. I'm so in.

So apparently the ad will start running in the next 10 days here in Canada. Lisa said it'll even run on the Jumbotron on Parliament Hill during the big Canada Day show. How freaky will that be? For those of you who aren't here in Canada, I'll of course be sending you to the website where you can see it. I mean, I have an online blog that's all about me. Do you think I'd leave it out? You don't know me at all.

Well, I've droned on enough about this whole thing. I could go on and on about the amazingly incredibly gorgeous backyard we were using and what we got paid (it seemed like stealing) but I don't want to take you away from your mundane little lives any longer. Besides, I have to find myself an agent for when Tyra calls. Love you all, dahlings. Air kisses! Mwah. Mwah.

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