Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo...

I'm attempting an outing with the baby in tow. People have suggested water slides... um... baby in tow. Not going to happen. As it is, we're trying to squeeze it in between naps and meals. I think it'll work if I give him lunch and he sleeps in the car. We're leaving in an hour. Fingers crossed...

But I didn't want my lovelies to go without a blog so I'm going to whip one up. Here goes:

As I was loading up the car for our getaway (funny how the smaller the kid, the more stuff you need to bring), a construction worker was working on a backhoe across the street. He saw my cat run out of the house and stopped the backhoe to let me know he'd run out. This started a full on conversation about cats. While the man was supposed to be working. He talked about how his sister's cats (Tigger and Spaz) have 2 personalities, one aloof and one loving. They are coloured just like Taz and are really good hunters. Even though he loves cats, he doesn't have any himself because his wife is allergic. Then Taz came over and let the guy give him a scratch. Later the worker made me pick him up and put him back inside because he was getting back to work and may run him over.

How funny was that? I love chatting with complete strangers. There's nothing like a manly man that loves cats and will stop a backhoe to let you know it.


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