Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He called!

Elliott was dropped off at the base Saturday morning to take him to cadet band camp. It took about 5 hours to drive down to the place where he'll be staying for 3 weeks. At dinner that night I bet Scott that we wouldn't hear a thing from the boy until the weekend. Well, last night I lost the bet because my baby called.

According to him, he lost his calling card and that's why he hadn't called until now. Frankly, I was surprised he called this soon anyway. He said the food there is pretty bad, that he's sharing a large tent with a bunch of other cadets and that they hadn't been issued their instruments yet. They've just been doing marching drills. He mentioned that he'd like me to bake cookies for him to share with his buddies. He also asked me to contact his girlfriend Erica to tell her that he loves and misses her. Hmph. I may just forget to do that one. I'll just be way too busy baking...

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