Friday, July 16, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

So I was thinking about my hair the other day. Or lack thereof. I shaved my head in 1994 right after I got married and never looked back. I just got fed up with the upkeep of hair. There were expensive and painful relaxer treatments, panicking about wind and rain, concern about it coming out in clumps, irritation about choosing hairstyles, hot rollers, blow dryers, curling irons, straitening irons, not being able to swim because of it, bad hair days... If you want a feeling of what I went through, check out the documentary Good Hair. It's about me.

I love my hair now. I can't stress this enough. When asked if I'm ever going to grow it back, my answer is always a quick and certain no. Never. The only thing that bugs me is that it looks the same when I wake up in the morning as when I'm the bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. But I get over it quickly as I'm taking photos afterwards in gale force winds.

Anyway, I spent the morning trying to dig up some old photos of me with hair. They're hard to find, let me tell you but I managed a few:

 This is me studying for my Early Childhood Education Exam in the early 90s as you can see from the ancient laptop. Always the fashionista, I'm demonstrating the timeless versatility of the mullet.

 Here I am in Quebec City. You can't tell but the carefree curl and blowsy style took an hour to accidentally happen and if Scott had the stones to touch it, it would have felt like straw. Good times.

 This is what happened when I had no time for blow drying. After showering I'd grease it up with some expensive Black girl hair product, throw a headband on it and make like a hippy. If it had gotten wet, There would have been an oil slick around it. But it never got wet. Never.

Scott (in hairier days) knew not to come any closer to the crispy goodness that is my best wedding coif. I'm smiling here but I'm no end of pissed that the wind is wrecking my 'do.

And you wonder why I have no hair...

Have a great weekend!

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