Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random sounds

I woke up this morning in a vastly better mood than I was in yesterday at this time. I attribute it to two things: the fact that I paddled last night and blew off some steam by coming in 3rd in a tandem outrigger canoe 6k race and that my iPod alarm clock woke me this morning to this song:

See what I did there? The first words sung are "Get up, get on up"... how could I not wake up with a smile on my face?

It made me think of my cell phone. Here are my ringtones (Hee! Looks like my geek is showing again...):

Unknown number

Known number:
Dr. Who theme song

The family:
The Simpson's Theme

Text messages:
Star Trek Next Generation door chime

I'm definitely a geek but I'm shy about the world (apparently aside from you all) knowing it. Whenever my phone rings in a public place, I nearly break my arm grabbing for it before it goes on too long. But I'm not too embarrassed to change them, though. No way, they make me laugh.

Now, the only thing that would make my cell phone ownership life complete is if I could get Futurama's Hypno Toad as a sound for my phone...


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