Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogging or baking?

Today I went for the baking so today's blog is going to be pretty light. Yesterday I just happened to look at the family blackberry wall calendar and noticed under Saturday's scheduled inlaw BBQ, the words "dessert" and "8-10 people". Looks like somebody volunteered me to bake without telling me.

Here again I earned my "good wife stripes". Here's yesterday's exchange:

Me: Hey, I noticed there's a note about dessert on the calendar.
Him: I was going to tell you.
Me: No problem.
Him: Maybe you can do something summery like cupcakes with like water or a beach or something...
Me (smiling through gritted teeth): This late?
Him (shrugging): Whatever you think.

See, no arguing, no fighting, just cupcakes. Thirty plain white cupcakes with plain white icing. I'm actually going to practice with my frosting tips so they will look pretty. I'll even put sprinkles on them. They'll be delicious and they'll love them, even without "water or a beach or something".


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