Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picture this...

You go into your local middle school, walk the halls then pick any 14 year old boy. You don't know each other but you invite him to live at your house anyway. Don't actually do that, I just want to illustrate the atmosphere in my house right now. Repeat, this is not an endorsement for a summer activity!

Anyhow, Elliott and I are in a weird place. He's like a stranger and any exchanges we have are awkward like we've never met. I don't know how to treat him and I feel almost uncomfortable when he's around. Is this what having a teen is like? I'm told by friends that it's completely normal and that it'll pass by the time he's 18... EIGHTEEN? That's a pretty long time to live with a strange kid. All I know is that I miss my baby.

kxx (look at that face!)

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