Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm back!

Okay, peeps, I'm sorry for the trainwreck that was last week's blogs. Elliott was being a highly hormonal 14 year old boy and getting into American Pie style trouble at band camp. I'm over it and pleased that he wasn't kicked out for it. He's scrubbing latrines doing extra duties and hopefully in complete and utter misery. Which saves us from going through said misery in the house. Thank you Canadian government. For 3 weeks you can deal with what I go through. Not so easy, eh? I also want to thank those of you who shared stupid teen stories. I'm eternally grateful and you helped me get to my happy place.

To celebrate the return of my frothy mood, I'd like to talk about my most favouritest day of the year. My birthday. It's under a month away so that only gives you a few weeks to get your decorations up. My favourite colours are orange and fuchsia. As usual I'll be posting my wish list and just for fun, I'm going to let you know what my dream menu is for that day. Ready?

Wish List
As usual there are Louboutins and a Smart Car on it. I know I'll never get them but the day I forget to add them, we'll win the lotto or something and I'll be sunk.
Dream Menu (keep in mind I'll never eat this unless for my birthday I get a "zero calorie day pass" from the Fat Fairy)

  • a pound of bacon and a loaf of Wonder Bread
Snack: (yes, snack after breakfast... zero calorie day pass)
  • Big Mac Meal. And supersize those fries, please. And don't forget my apple pie.
  • A dozen Tim Horton's doughnuts
  • A pizza with poutine on the side. My birthday cake for dessert. There may be a little left for you.
Midnight Snack:
  • A large bag of Lay's salt and vinegar chips and a couple of cans of spruce beer

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