Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I just noticed I do this weird thing...

The other day I was introduced to a bunch of new people. They were East Indian and I just couldn't get my mouth around their names so I asked them to spell them out for me. After they did, I could picture the names in my head and connect it to the person. I remembered their names all night.

I've been doing this for years. I think I got it from my friend Kathy. I notice if it's an unfamiliar name, I have to hear it spelled out for me to feel comfortable pronouncing it and to feel like it goes with the person. At first it's a little weird to have people spelling their names for me but it's either that or the humiliation of asking them 15 times a night to repeat it. Talk about looking like a doddering old lady.

Even last night at the canoe club, it was my first time out in an outrigger canoe. I kept getting instructed not to bump or touch the omagh?/ammah?/oma? on the ground... I must have heard the word 10 times yesterday. I asked someone how to spell it and they had no clue. So when I got home I surfed a bit and found that it's called an ama. Now I feel okay using it and I'll never forget how to say it.

Do you have frequent senior moments? Do you suffer from minor dementia? Maybe this'll be the trick for you.

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