Monday, July 19, 2010

Best. Trip. Ever.

I've just come back from Belgium and London and while it was an amazing trip (especially since I could bring the kids), it wasn't my favourite trip. The best trip I was ever on was my surprise trip to Paris.

At the time Scott travelled a lot for work and that year (I think it was 2002) around Valentine's Day he told me he had to go to Paris. What? You are leaving me with 3 little kids plus 2 daycare kids to go to the most romantic place on earth? On Valentine's Day? You've got to be kidding me.

The beginning of that week I was supposed to get paid by my clients. Strangely they were always on time before but this time both were late with lame excuses. That should have been my first flag. Then a couple of days later Scott asks me if I want to go shopping. When do I not? But he offered to come along while I bought shoes, tops and pants, letting me model them for him and holding my bags for me. Hm. Second flag.

Then, a couple of days before he left, he brought home a bunch of flowers. I thought they were one last suck-up attempt. But there was a card attached that led me on a treasure hunt picking up clue cards along the way. I'm starting to twig onto something since he only does this for big gifts. Each card led me around the house to travel related things... my suitcase, my passport, even to the computer where I had to Google the hotel we ended up staying at. I finally got to the card that said to look under the computer keyboard where there were 2 tickets to Paris. This was Friday and we left on Sunday.

What a man. He had planned everything. He arranged for the kids to be taken care of. All my friends knew. In fact, he wanted to do it like an ad that was popular on tv where a woman drove her husband to the airport and when she opened up the trunk to get his bag hers was in there as well. My friends freaked and told him that while it's romantic and all, a woman wants to pack her own bag and shop before a big trip. He even told my daycare clients and that's why they didn't pay me for the week.

What followed was a dream come true. A trip (First Class) to the most romantic city on Earth with the most wonderful, thoughtful man on Earth. It's a trip I'll never ever forget. My best trip ever, bar none.

(Can I just add a quick sidebar about the above photo? Scott wrote this and I love him for it but he used half a tube of my favourite expensive MAC lipstick. Ouch. And awww.)
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