Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Profound microblogging?

It's so foreign to me. I love to chat and I love to weave a story into a long complicated tapestry of words that inevitably bunch up and trip me up, causing me to fall and bite my tongue and... where was I? Yes! Microblogging.

They call twitter and Facebook "microblogging sites". I've read blogs that moved me to tears, blogs that made me laugh my ass off and blogs that made me think. I've yet to read a tweet any deeper than: "Peanut butter... crunchy or smooth? The debate rages on." Really? Maybe I should follow more poets or something if I'm looking for profundity.

That said, you just read one of the least intellectual blogs I've ever written. But I managed it in more than 140 characters. So HA.

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