Monday, December 1, 2008

Funny story

And by funny I mean humiliating.

Way back when Elliott was about 3 I was trying to explain to him the differences between boys and girls. I told him that boys had penises and girls had vaginas. Short of showing him what I meant on myself, he just wasn't getting it. Or so I thought.

A day or two later we were shopping for sheets and towels. I told my toddler that we were going to get in line behind that nice lady over there. I manoever the stroller behind her but Elliott can reach her coat. He pulls on it and announces to her in the loudest voice I've ever heard on a child,


I calmly put down my sheet set and rolled that evil little traitor out of there. But not before I turned every possible shade of burgundy and had scarily vivid visions of abandonning him in the mall food court.

Seriously, no one mentions this stuff at the baby shower. It would have been nice to be prepared, no?

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