Friday, December 12, 2008

You've heard of mothers-in-law, now meet "knowledge-in-law"

Sometimes Scott really surprises me. We were watching tv one night and he recognised an actor way before I did. This is remarkable. Let me explain:

Scott doesn't often watch tv with me. And I love tv. A lot. I watch everything that comes on at least once. I often describe myself as being the lowest common denominator of the tv viewing public. Scott is far more discerning. He watches current affairs programmes, true life biographies, stories of World War 2, news, Coronation Street (!) and very rarely entertain-y stuff like The Tudors or Lost. We'll start watching something together and often he'll just wander off to the depths of his hobbyshop/office never to be heard from again until bedtime.

Once we were watching Mad Men (another one of his exceptions) and an ad came on. It was for some pain medicine and the actor was talking directly to the screen about how amazing the stuff was. Scott looked at it for a few seconds and says:

"Isn't that the guy from one of your shows?"

I look much more closely and realize that it's the actor who used to play Cass Winthrop from my old favourite soap opera Another World, a soap that was cancelled 9 years ago. Holy crap! For someone who I consider to "not watch tv", this was an incredible statement.

I call it my "knowledge-in-law theory". If one half of a spouse is rabidly interested in something, you can't help but pick up a few facts about it even if you're not the least bit interested in it. You never even know when it's happening. My knowledge-in-law theory is the reason why I can tell the difference between a Lancaster and a B-52 or a Spitfire and a Hurricane. They're circa WWII planes BTW.

The knowledge-in-law theory. Feel free to use the term. Just remember where you heard it first.


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