Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daycare v. Playdates

Most of you know I used to do daycare out of my home. At first I did it all day long, then before and after school, then just after school, then I was done. Frankly I was fed up and knew I had had enough when we'd have "film festival day" (popcorn for snack and the kids plopped in front of the tv) 3 times a week.

Fast forward to this past summer. Henry has a friend named Jacob who a couple of times a week comes over after school to hang out. They are in the same class, take the bus home together and Jacob's backyard and ours touch. Very convenient. One day Jacob's mum Sarah asked me if I could please (pretty please) to watch him after school for a few hours. Really, how is that any different from the average day? How was it different? I'll tell you. She wanted to pay me. I hemmed and hawed and told her I wouldn't take it. She insisted so I took her $20.

It was weird, though. What about all the other days I took her son off her hands? I've even given him snack and even made those boys do their homework. Where was my money then? You know what they call charging for playdates? Daycare. And I'm not doing it again. Aren't I? I'd better warm up the vcr.

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