Friday, December 26, 2008

Rhyme time

I love helping the Henry with his English homework. He's really creative but because of his language delay, many times he gets it wrong. But funny wrong. For instance he came home the other day with a rhyming word test. He was sad that it had a couple of wrong answers on it that he had to correct. He had to come up with a word or phrase that rhymed with the provided word. Sounds simple enough.

The words he had to rhyme? Sting and Enormous. What did he choose? Bling and Ginormous. Poor kid didn't understand why he got them wrong. I barely understand it myself. What rhymes with enormous, anyways? You hear those words everyday especially on those "youth-oriented" channels he watches. How to explain they aren't real words? Slang words. Bleh.

I kind of think the teacher should have given him creativity points. I would hope she at least had a chuckle before she put those red x's on his paper.

I'll just keep helping him and try to stave off the illiterate word bombs exploding around us. Cover us, we're going in.

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