Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas card rant

Yes, I'm aware it's too late but it's my blog and I'll belate if I want too. See what I did there?

Here's the deal. I wanted to send them out I really did. But usually I think about it on the 20th of December and by then it's too late to mail. Everyone who sends me a card I really appreciate. Truly. I love getting cards from friends and neighbours. But the caveat: I only want to see your signature. Maybe a (very) short note wishing the Kayes a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It warms my heart.

What I'm not interested in is your family letter. If you have to update me on what happened in your family every month since last Christmas, we're not good friends and I don't care. Am I being harsh? Maybe. Am I jealous that these families have cool, funky, fun lives... lives that are worth trumpeting about to virtual strangers? Kinda.

Now keeping a blog, on the other hand... yes, I'm aware that I'm trumpeting my life to virtual strangers but you have the option not to read it and I didn't spend a dime on stamps. The decision is in your hands. Besides, how do they remember everything that happened all year? Here's how mine would sound:

December: Henry had a birthday and Merry Xmas from the Kayes!
January: Umm... Happy New Year!
February: Scott and I did something for Valentines, I'm sure.
March: Errr... the kids had March break
April: Wow, what about that freak snowstorm? (There must have been one, it's Canada)
May: Elliott had a birthday
June: Audrey had a birthday
July: Whew, was it ever hot! (again, it's Canada...)
August: Scott and I had our birthdays. What fun! (I'm sure)
September: The fog is lifting! We went to Marineland. Ha!
October: Urk. More fog. Ummm. Thanksgiving was delicious?
November: Oooh! Henry broke his arm playing hockey! Yay! (yay for the fact I remembered... not because of his broken arm)
December: Henry had a birthday and Merry Xmas from the Kayes!

Wow, how pathetic was that? See? Would you be interested in getting that stupidness in your Christmas card? I thought not.

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