Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Twilight thoughts...

This movie and book are the biggest things since the last big things and I just have to give my learned opinion. I read the book in about 3 weeks. Why so long? The first half was for want of a better word, boring. All that talking and breathing in of each other's scents. UGH. In Bella's case it was his breath that smelled amazing. Huh? I'm not even going there. All that touching of clavicles, neck snorfing and arm brushing. And I get it... Edward is a hot little piece of 700 year old vampire ass. Let's move on. Does the author have to mention it everytime he shows up? Yes, I know the book is geared for pre-teen girls but it was needing something. Talk about sexually frustrating.

In the second half of the book it really got better. That's what it needed. Some action to warm up my cockles after all the cold showers I was taking. It was so good in fact that it changed my dim view of the whole novel. Now I can honestly say it was good. Did I mention I read the entire second half of the book after the baseball game (I'm not giving anything away) in one sitting? I couldn't put it down.

All in all I thought it was way too chaste. Yet really racy. How is that even possible? I think a preteen girl reading this book would 1) be really disappointed in the actual world of boys out there; and 2) want to rip the next "real" boys clothes off his smooth and chiseled (oh please, oh please) body. Audrey is 10. I thank goodness every day that she's not interested in this series. Because I wouldn't let her read them. There's too much in it that I would have to explain.

That said, I myself can't wait to read the next book and I hope to see movie before it hits video stores.

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