Monday, December 15, 2008

My Christmas list

This is the list I gave to Scott. It seems reasonable, no? I don't want everything (well, I kinda do but the things I don't get I'll pick up later in the year) just a couple...

-Panini grill with interchangeable plates (countertop not stove)
-Customised moon necklace (tell them my bday)
-Nice top (sz: LARGE)
-"Clean" perfume from Holt Renfrew
-Dr. H tee: either "You are not my nemesis" or "I don't go to the gym, I'm just naturally like this" women's size XL, black, from
-New eyeglass frames
-Picture frame for my Paris poster (this has been pending for over 4 years!)
-Flatware and mugs that match
-Rice cooker (5 cup max... the one I have is too big)
-gps for the van
-loose leaf tea from Teaopia... I'm not telling which kind. Surprise me. Keep in mind I don't like mint and let me know if there's caffeine in it (just so I don't go drinking it at bedtime)

Notice there are all normal things on this list. I've kept off my ubiquitous Smart Car, Louboutin shoes thing. What's the point? You all know what I want...

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