Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The kids all woke up early this morning running from room to room gabbling about the snow on the ground. I wanted to hide under the covers. It has begun. Yes it's pretty now, but by 4pm when it's pitch dark and the snow is all dirty and slushy, it'll be the start of a long, dark depressing season. Oh joy.

And to add to the joyous fun, today's the day I have to break up with little Kevin. Yup, me and my personal trainer have to part ways. I knew it had to come when he skilfully mentioned his hourly rate. It's hold onto your hats.... $50. Every hour. Just to put things into perspective, I make $40 PER DAY. Not to mention a little thing called Christmas as well as Henry's birthday, saving for a trip to Dominca next year, hockey, horseback riding lessons... oy. We just can't afford him. Maybe in the spring after I've had a few months to squirrel away some more secret money. I hate being moderately poor.

And now that it's frigging snowing, Elliott needs winter boots. It just never ends. I'm buying a lottery ticket.

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