Friday, November 16, 2007

Please do not poke the sleeping bear

Scott has been in the worst mood the last few days. It's not the family, it's work. Something about a takeover bid and he's worried about his guys. The problem is that he's middle management. The higher-ups blame him for things that happen with his guys and his guys blame him when the higher-ups drag their feet about things. He's totally stressed.

He usually does well handling things and not bringing home his stress but the last 2 days with him have been, well, sucky. He comes home, grunts hello, finds fault with something that he yells about then hides downstairs in his office until bedtime. Yesterday he made Elliott cry. Elliott. I haven't seen him cry since he was hit in the nose with a hockey stick. Supposedly Scott thought the basement playroom was messy and instead of asking the kids to tidy up, he started throwing things in a bin, threatening to throw them out. He even yelled at me for watching too much tv and blogging too much. Funny, that part. I usually only blog when he's at work and yesterday I was actually doing a typing tutorial to help me with my work. You know, the job I have? The one that makes a bit of cash?

Anyway, seeing the error of his ways, he skulked into his office and stayed there until after the kids and I had gone to bed. This morning he was up at 5am. Obviously his guilty conscience wouldn't let him sleep. Good. I love that man but he's sure making it difficult to feel it lately. I guess even my perfect guy can be a tool.

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