Friday, November 9, 2007

RIP Betty

Audrey's fish died yesterday. Betty lived a long life for a betta in a filter-free tank. Nine months. To put it in perspective, Henry went through 2 fish and a crab in the same length of time. The man himself noticed the fish formerly known as Betty first and tactfully broke it to Audrey. "Your fish is DEAD!", he said not at all in soft, sympathetic tones. I wanted to laugh, I really did, but the keening wails of my only daughter kept the giggles at bay. My poor little girl. She kept saying things like "she's the best friend I ever had," and "I miss her so much, mummy". It broke my heart.

Then the inevitable rally at the backyard funeral. "When can I get another one?", she asked as she threw a clump of dirt off the shovel into the hole where her best friend was interred. Kids really bounce back quickly, don't they?

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