Friday, November 30, 2007

My poor boss

She wears a hearing aid and she's recently discovered she has a double ear infection (that means one in both ears for those of you without kids). So she's, for all intents and purposes, deaf. Ordinarily this would be a sad situation and it is for her but we still laughed our asses off all day.

Have you ever spoken to a mostly deaf person? I'm actually pretty fluent in sign language (bet you didn't know that about me) but she isn't so we were pretty much just yelling at her all day. Then she learned that she could hear okay when she got a phone call so by the end of the day we were calling her to ask questions. When we were 5 feet away from her. Too funny. She's a talker too but when she asked a question she couldn't hear our answer. She'd just look at you blankly with a slack grin on her face.

You can tell my co-worker and I like her because we didn't take the opportunity to talk behind her back. Much. We did say things like "this must be hard for her" and "she smells really bad" (that last one was me) but what was weird was that she was arms' length away and we were speaking in regular tones. Strange.

Anyway, I still love that job more than anything. I'm having more fun and more laughs than any job I've ever had.

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