Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My friend Norah is hosting a cookie exchange Saturday. What is a cookie exchange you ask? Well, it's an adult playdate where all the guests are asked to bring is a dozen cookies. For each guest. And a dozen to share during a party. sound manageable? It can be. If you don't invite too many people. I've had them in the past with about 6 guests but Norah has 10 people coming on Saturday. That means 11 dozen cookies. The good news is that I go home with 10 dozen cookies of all shapes and flavours. And of course, being to lazy so-and-so I am, found a recipe (for ginger crackles) that makes a ton anyway and doubled it (thank you Terra) so I was able to make 11 dozen cookies in one go. Easy and yummy and Christmassy too. What? You want the recipe? My pleasure.

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