Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blogging? Today?

Yup. Even though I don't particularly feel like it, I'm gonna.

So today is American Thanksgiving. So enjoy your turkey and your football. I'll be watching reruns thanks to my slavish dependence on your television programming. And just for the record, the Kaye's are having pizza for dinner tonight. I have to admit that I hate your sweet potato dish with the marshmallows on top. Sorry, but that's just vile. Hey, but if you like it, don't let my opinion put you off your feed.

We're in the midst of getting a huge dumping of snow. 10-15cm. Which because of American Thanksgiving I will now translate for my American readers into "old money": 4 to 6 inches. Give or take.

Okay, I'm only going through the motions here so I'll end this before it becomes pathetic. (That's what she said... Thank you Michael Scott). Have a great holiday if that's what your having. Have a great Thursday if that's what your having and drive safely if snow is what you're having. See you tomorrow.

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