Monday, November 12, 2007

Didja miss me?

I knew this would happen as Scott was home for Remembrance Day and I didn't want to blog in front of him. So here I am blogging after work. Good thing too since it gave me some fodder for the day.

I was asking a co-worker why we were working today. She replied that since yesterday was Remembrance Day, today is nothing, hence the workage. Never mind that buses are on Sunday schedules, there's no mail or garbage and all government workers have the day off because a stat day fell on a weekend. Whatev'.

So instead of honouring our troops with quiet reflection and dignity, most folks are taking advantage by shopping up a storm. Our store was crazy busy today. Nothing says "I love our troops" like consignment priced snowsuits. Because if we don't buy discount children's clothes, the terrorists win.

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