Monday, November 26, 2007

Aaaah Monday

As many of my old familiar readers know, Monday is my favourite day of the week. Things go back to normal, schedules resume their daily grind, I eat well Monday through Friday... bliss. I know it's weird but never let it be said that I'm a normal person. They're called quirks, people. All the brilliant ones have them.

Speaking of quirks, my weekend was pretty good. Except for that unfortunate electric slide related accident where I fell backwards into my tub. My advice? Never do the electric slide in your bathoom.

Saturday was awesome. Audrey and I stayed in our jammies all day and had a High School Musical marathon. Both were pop-up editions and as usual, I love them as much as when I'd seen them the first time. I can't get enough of these movies. I must have seen them 5 times each. I also taped them both so I can watch them again anytime. I mean so we can watch them anytime. I even recently (and dorkily) changed my cellphone ringtone to "We're All In This Together". I'm concerned about myself. These movies are geared toward tweens. What does it mean that I adore these movies so much? Do I have a Peter Pan complex? Am I just a creepy old cougar eager to get into Zac Efron's underaged gymshorts? I don't know. Am I just crazy? Will I be first in line when HSM3 comes out in theatres? Bet on it.


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