Wednesday, November 14, 2007

35% fat??!!

What do whipping creme, butter, 1/2 cup almonds, a slice of apple pie and me have in common? Give up? We're all comprised of 35% fat. I'm so grossed out.

As part of joining Goodlife, I have access to a personal trainer. Well, that "perk" was both good and bad news to me yesterday as I got weighed (163lbs) and measured and found wanting. Wanting to be less of a giant meringue. So now I have a goal (he wants me down to 155) and 30% fat. He says it's do-able. I say, pass me a bag of Doritos.

There was a good moment. Before I met Kevin (my (really!) young trainer) I heard two guys talking while I was pretending to read a magazine. One was apologising to the other saying sorry he was late. The other guy told him his 3 o'clock was here (me!) and the first guy (who turned out to be Kevin) said "Who? The one that's built like Marion Jones?" and the other guy replied "Yeah, she's gonna kick your ass, dude". I had to laugh. I'm going to dine on that one for weeks. But totally control my portions.

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