Friday, December 1, 2006

My mum said hi to me

I'm a big believer in messages and winks from the "great beyond" especially since my mum joined the choir invisible in 1993. Yesterday I got a message from my mother.

I was at work and slowly going through the piles and piles of bags. There are so many bags of clothes in this one little room it really goes beyond all description. There are 4 of us taking turns going through them and when I grabbed the bag it was the one teetering at the top of the pile. Just before a "bag-alanche" as we call them.

I started going through the clothes inside. Nothing too interesting and I accepted about 1/3 of the items inside which is pretty normal. At the bottom of the bag I see a piece of paper. I pull it out and read it. It's a french wedding invitation. Even though most of Ottawa is bilingual, finding an all french wedding ceremony here isn't too common. I read down to the bottom and saw that the wedding took place in October. In Montreal. At the very same church in St. Hubert where my mum is buried. What are the odds?

Anyone could have pulled that bag. Most girls there can't read french so they would have glanced at the paper and tossed it. Ottawa is 2 hours away from Montreal. Not too far but that particular church? Weird. And the invite with the church's name being in a bag of children's clothes to be donated? At a job I just started? Bizarre. So you know what I say to all that? Hi mummy! I love you too! Picture me smiling big and waving madly at the sky like a moron.

Missing you more than anything,
Your daughter,