Tuesday, December 19, 2006


After the excitement that was this weekend, I'm all tapped out for blog ideas. So I'm going to ramble on for a bit.

On the drive home today I noticed a vw beetle on the road. I promptly hauled off and punched Scott in the shoulder gleefully shouting "PUNCHBUGGY GREY, NO PUNCHBACKS!" It made me wonder where this punching thing started. Who was the first person that did it? Why? Did they get punched back? Is that why there's the codicil? What's the original punchbuggy anyway? An actual buggy? Why don't other cars make people abuse each other? Who is responsibile for the carrying-on that goes on in my car on long car trips (besides me who taught it to them and encourages the blows)?

Questions for the ages. I'm going to google it right now. There's nothing like a bit of purposeful internet searching rather than the aimless wandering I tend to do on a daily basis. If I come up with anything interesting, I'll post it here. See you later and keep your eyes peeled for volksies. Because I come out swinging. Hard.


PS: Just found this website with the rules of punchbuggy! Too funny.