Saturday, December 2, 2006

I am absolutely not blogging today

NaBloPoMo is officially over and I'm blogging to tell you that I'm not blogging on weekends anymore. My family kinda likes to have my undivided my attention. Having my eyes wander over to the computer while trying to console my crying child seemed wrong, somehow. My blog went wholly unnoticed by TPTB (the powers that be), anyway but hopefully I'll be in the pool for a prize or two. After all, I qualified. I actually blogged every day for the entire month of November. And it was sooo easy. Yup. Easy.

I do hope I win a t-shirt of some kind. I do love a commemorative t-shirt. I was the one who bought one at every single concert I went to in the 80s and if I couldn't afford one, I bought a counterfeit one outside. Yes it was illegal but I love me some shirts.

Why did I do this blogging thing? For the glamorous prizes? (Ummm a hat or mug? No. T-shirt? Maybe.) The recognition of my fellow bloggers/writers? (Ya riiiight). When I figure out myself why I undertook this assignment, I'll let you know. I guess I like a challenge. I suppose.
Anyway, I haven't said this for a while so it's a happy pleasure to tell you to have a wonderful weekend and see you back here Monday. I'm going to use my downtime for baking and coming up with hysterical and highly amusing blogs for your perusal next week. See ya!