Friday, December 22, 2006

Brains are cool

Scott and I were driving by the local multiplex the other day and I looked up at the marquis. I saw the movie Happy Feet and made that quiet laugh through the nose. You know the one. It sounds like a sharp exhale.

So Scott says "What?" and I'm forced to admit the little chain of events that my brain took me on between seeing the words Happy Feet and the laugh. I love when the brain does this. in the space of... well snap your fingers. I'll wait (I love that you did that just because I asked you to). In the space of that sound, your mind goes through a ton of thoughts. Very cool.

So here was my chain of thought:
1) I looked up and saw the movie title
2) I remembered telling Audrey we'd see it in the theatre over the Xmas holiday
3) I thought that since we're not travelling to see family this year, that maybe after the chaos that is Xmas morning, that we could go to the movie that day
4) Seeing a movie on Xmas Day (something I've never done) reminds me of the SNL short film "Christmastime for the Jews"
5) Here is where I made the laughy sound
6) I remembered that I set the vcr to tape David Letterman tonight because Darlene Love, the singer of the tune has Scott absolutely enthralled with her voice and I thought it would be a nice treat to see her perform in less Claymation form

Isn't the brain a neat thing? All that in the space of about a second. So nice to see that Alzheimer's hasn't set in yet. I only wish my brain would engage like that when I'm standing at the checkout counter talking to someone who knows me and my family intimately and I'm frantically trying to remember her name and where I know her from. Grrr.