Monday, December 18, 2006

What an eye-opening weekend

It started with Scott getting so blotto at his work Christmas party on Friday night that he could barely stand up straight. It's quite the eye-opener to have to undress your soulmate and put him to bed like a toddler. Yup. That's the word. Eye-opening. I'm grateful he didn't pee himself or vomit, anyway. He just mentioned that he loves me. Many many times.

Needless to say that the next morning he was in no condition to take Elliott to his 6:30 hockey game. That's AM, people. When the alarm rang at 5:15 he was still drunk and muttering to himself. So I broke my cardinal rule of never ever sitting in a cold arena before 8am and took my son to his game.

Another eye-opening moment for me. I managed to make sure my boy was dressed all the way from his cup and neck protector (who knew?) in that stinky mildewy, boy-sweaty room. Then I sat at the freezing rink and did what I do best... chit chat with anyone within range and scream my lungs out the 2 times my boy got shots on goal. His team won that morning 6-4. It was actually fun. I may do it again minus the crack-of-dawn thing and the pungent locker room thing. After attending about 3 games in Elliott's entire hockey career, that sure is another eye-opener.

Sunday (after Scott had properly recovered) we took the kids to see Santa. My third eye-opening experience of the weekend. I should have known that it would take almost 2 hours. As usual I made friends with everyone in line while waiting. I feel really sorry for shy people. How do they make the time go by quickly in boring situations? Anyway, we waited patiently and snacked on pop, lifesavers and Bugles to keep our strength up. When we finally saw the big guy I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't the guy with the real beard but he made up for it by having a British accent (it forgives most sins with me and I guess that makes him Father Christmas) and chatting with the kids almost 10 minutes. No wonder the line was so bloody long.

All in all it was an interesting (eye-opening?) weekend. But to be honest, I can do with my weekends being a little less interesting. I like a bit of couch surfing and inappropriate pyjama donning. Just call me a lazy girl. Unfortunately we won't have a weekend like that for the next few weeks. But hey, it's the holidays. I'll slob out properly in 2007.