Thursday, December 28, 2006

This is a test

And the only question is: Does Scott ever read my blogs? Because if he does, this one will start an argument.

Scott is one of my biggest boosters. My loudest cheerleader. He's the one who encouraged me to start writing in the first place. Thing is, he's often bored by things he reads. Unless he's doing research for realistic plastic airplane models or reading true-life stories about WWII flying aces, he's just not that interested. And reading the blog of a marginally interesting suburban wife that he speaks to every single day and sleeps with every single night is way beyond his scope. Even I'm, in fact, surprised that I actually have 13 subscribers (welcome to the family, Cherise!). So, let's face it, people. Call a spade a spade (pun intended) I'm no Erma Bombeck. Even I can admit, though, that I may have the occasional moment of bloggy brilliance but that expression about the 10,000 monkeys and 10,000 typewriters comes to mind. Which brings me back to my original question. Does my biggest fan, the love of my life, my inspiration read this blog? The next sentence will expose him.

I have my own bank account. Nothing big, in fact it never has more than $200 in it. But it's my money to do with as I please. I never buy things for the house with it. I never buy things for the kids with it, I never even buy things for Scott with it. For all those things I use our joint account. This is for the occasional cute top, Payless shoe or sparkly handbag. Fun, useless things that I'd feel embarrassed to admit to Scott.

Now, don't get me wrong. Scott has never, ever denied me anything. He has never once told me I couldn't buy something I wanted. Except for the occasional eye-roll, he's never made a comment on even one of my impulse buys. Even when I wasn't working and we were scraping, he's been totally cool with the way I spend. It's just that if I see an orange purse or funky lipstick I want to buy them without having to explain why. Not that I have to but I feel like I do. Clear as mud, right? I'm not the Enron guy or anything. Geez. Oh, and how do I collect this money you ask? When Scott comes home, he empties his change into a container. I later sift through said container and commandeer all the loonies and toonies. You guys should try this. You sure can save a lot in a few months. Take it from someone who knows.

Now to await the fallout. To be honest I don't think there will be any because the man doesn't read my blog. I'll let you know what happens. And please, for the love of God, don't tell him about either this blog or the account. I'd really prefer to out myself on this one. Thanks, all!