Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Henry!

What can I say? It's my baby Henry's 7th birthday today. He's the kid that's the most funny, expressive and dramatic of them all. Every single day this kid cracks me up. I'll refer you to the "Captain Underpants" photo I previously posted. That's him all over.

Out of all the kids he most looks like me (a dimple!), and his out-there personality is most like mine. Am I a horrible mother to admit that he's my fave? I know I'm not supposed to have one and of course I love them all in different ways but how can someone as self involved as I am not be completely enamoured of someone who reminds me so completely of myself?

Anyway, this is his special day and it's tough keeping it special because it's so close to Christmas. We're actually having the party today but in the evening in case parents have to work. I'm all partied out so we're having a "playdate" party so I don't have to obsess about themes and games. The kids will just come over and play for a couple of hours. It's from 5-7 so we're ordering pizza for dinner. Perfect.

Oh, I haven't told you about the birthday tree. Yesterday I took all the "Christmas-y" decorations off the tree and stuck birthday things in it. Balloons, streamers, party hats, and a birthday banner. Looks cool. And for the lootbags, they're in little holiday boxes. Hopefully it'll be a painless party. Wish me luck! You know how kids' birthday parties can get...