Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ahhhh Boxing Day

I feel truly sorry for those who don't get to experience the joy that is Boxing Day. Here in Canada the only people working are those in the retail industry. And even then, only giant greedy stores are open. Every single other type of establishment is legally shut down for another day.

The history of Boxing Day? I have no clue. And apparently there are lots of people who disagree about it. Thay can argue all they want. All I know is I get yet another day off with the family.
I've been a busy little beaver, though. I've baked Henry's birthday cake (but have yet to decorate it), decorated the famous birthday tree and the room for the party tomorrow afternoon. Soon we'll be heading out to visit Scott's aunt Audrey (yes, we named our girl after her) and when that's done, I'll wrap presents and prepare the loot bags for the festivities tomorrow. It's a pretty full day so I'd better get on with it. Have a great one yourselves and I hope you aren't actually working on Boxing Day.