Thursday, November 30, 2006

Scared of Santa?

I was surfing around online trying to find an idea for today's blog when I came across this website. It's blogibility is evident once you start looking at the photos. Needless to say I have a headache induced by hysterical laughter. I'm going for a pill. Be forewarned of the dangers of:

Scared of Santa

My favourite photos are not so much the children (although mouths in perfect soundless "O"'s of sheer terror can barely be beat), but of the Santas themselves. They're either resigned to their lot in life or about to snap like serial killers. It's those eyes. Those cold dead eyes.

Speaking of eyes, I have to now remove my other contact lens. The first one actually swam out in a pool of tears caused by the 10 minutes of non-stop giggling. Where's my Tylenol?