Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nut bra?

Does this actually happen to guys? Eww. How awful. I mean having saggy boobs is one thing but having your family jewels fall in the toilet every time you need to go? How undignified.
I often ask Scott how he manages with his twig and berries. There seems to be so much, well, junk to take care of. You can't smack 'em by accident yet they're always bulging. One brief thought crosses your mind and you can't stand up for 10 minutes unless you want to look like the creepy guy down the street who always has his hands in his pockets.

Boys' junk has also made me wonder why clothes evolved the way they did. Why do women wear the skirts and men wear the pants? You'd think that because of the outdoor plumbing issues that men have and the fact that they often wear their thoughts on their er... sleeves that skirts and dresses would have been the more logical evolutional step wardrobe-wise for them. I'll always think the Scots had the right idea. Think of it. The woman would have been the one to wear the pants in the family.

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