Thursday, November 2, 2006

Today is Mexican Day of the Dead

Even though I'm not Mexican or even know any Mexicans, I love to celebrate Day of the Dead. It's a lovely tribute to the people you loved who have died. Traditionally you tidy up their gravesites, gather around and remember their lives. Sometimes they'll decorate an altar in their homes draped with flowers and keepsakes of the dead loved ones.

I liked the idea of this so much that we do a modified version here. I make Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead) and after dinner we share it and Scott and I talk about our parents. It's just informal, usually funny stories about my mum and his parents. If I was nearby I'd go to my mother's grave and fix it up but she's in Montréal.

It's just another day to try to remember those who've left us and there can never be too many of those, can there?

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