Friday, November 10, 2006

Good Evening!

Okay, it's afternoon to you but I'm writing this last night... er... I wrote this last night... oh, whatever. It's Thursday night right now. For me. I decided to blog at night and post it the next day. I'm a working girl now, you know. I've got to rethink the way I did things for the last 8 years. Have I actually been a stay-at-home-mum for over 8 years? How surreal. Oh, that reminds me: I have to put in a load of laundry for Audrey. Tomorrow is "Red Friday" and the Diva has demanded her red velour track suit. BRB...

"They" say that wearing red on Fridays doesn't necessarily mean we support the war in Iraq, just that we support our troops. And, really, how can we not? They're usually kids, have kids themselves and they leave for months at a time to fight in an illogical war. I'll admit I don't agree with our being there in the first place but when I wear my red every Friday, it's to support the people (usually mums) who home alone raising their kids.

Hey, I was being really political up there, wasn't I? That's so not usually me, is it? Let's lighten things up with this unexplainable solider-y video. Hey, there has to be some down-time for these guys, right? And thank goodness for it.

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