Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday "Would You Rather"

I constantly had a rock in my shoe yesterday and it was driving me nuts. As I stood on the sidewalk of Richmond Road shaking it out the first time of the day, a thought occurred: "This sucks but it's better than losing a sneeze". I often think moronic things.

But seriously, which would you rather? Always having something stuck in your shoe or never really sneezing... just always having that moment where you think you are but don't. Augh. For me would be way too close to call.

Actually it was an all around "would you rather" day yesterday. We Ottawans haven't seen the sun in about 3 weeks. But it's been relatively mild with no snow yet. Yesterday was a sunny day but colder than it's been all month. So the question everyone asked each other was (and all people seemed to talk about was the weather, for some reason), would you rather cold and sunny or mild and cloudy? I couldn't pick one. Every time I was asked, I seemed to be busy shaking out my stupid converse.