Friday, November 3, 2006

Another two topic blog

First, I'd like to warn all my loyal readers that I'll be blogging on weekends for the month of November so expect more writing from me. November is National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo and I'm committed to doing a blog a day for glamorous cash and prizes. Most of which, I'm sure, won't be available to Canadians as I've come to expect with the weighty Americanness of the Internet.

Anyway, the prizes aren't the point. It's the pure love of words and writing and okay, the prizes a teensy bit. I've decided to share a photo or amusing haiku of my own invention to keep it simple since weekends are crazy busy here. You didn't know I wrote haiku did you? My poetry sucks like an Electrolux but trying them makes me laugh. Hey, all my blogs can't be solid gold.

Topic 2:
Well, people, it's the end of an era. Your Karen has a job. I got called last night by my new boss Diane and told the "good" news. Good is in quotes only because while I need a job in order to buy brand name cheese again, I'd frankly rather stay home all day. I was meant to be a 50s housewife. Cook and clean all day, vacuum wearing pearls, roasts on weeknights, the occasional bonbon, soap opera watching kind of wife. Except for the pearls and bonbons, that's me all over. The irony is that in order to afford those bonbons, I need an outside job. Most of you know I work Sunday mornings at the YMCA but $14 Canadian a week does not a bonbon buy. And let's call a spade a spade here (no pun intended), I'm only doing it for the free gym membership. I'll be keeping that job too, by the way. It keeps me in treadmills.

So the job I've got has delicious hours. When I asked Diane what they were, she, in turn, asked me what I wanted them to be. Huh? I told her that I had 3 kids that I didn't want to put into care before or after school, so how about "ummm... 9:30 until 2:30"? Fine, she said. Just like that. She's very flexible about working around sick kids and school holidays and stressed that the job is stress-free. I couldn't have written better job description myself.

The job itself isn't the best. For very little pay I'll be sifting through bags of children's clothes looking for good stuff to consign and pricing them. The room is in the basement and has no windows but it's brightly lit and painted and filled with women who have yet to hear my tired old stories. Oh yeah baby, fresh ears for my stale tales. A room full of mums who haven't heard my "A" material. This is gonna be great.

So unless I get an early morning brainfart, most blogs should be online after 3pm daily. Try not to miss me too much. I'll be here. See what happens? As soon as I sign up for this daily blog thing, life throws me a curve. Isn't it interesting how things work out?

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