Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Let's go for stream of consciousness today...

In other words, I got nothing. That said, let's look around my environment. Remember this is last night and not this morning. I've got that new "working girl" system where I write at night and publish in the morning, remember? You know how it is with us dedicated worker bees...

1. As usual the tv is on. I'm watching the recap show of Project Runway. Canada ran the series after the US so I know who won already. But it still doesn't stop me from enjoying the process.

2. Scott's mum's mantle clock. Can I admit that I hate the thing? I was able to disable its horrible bonging on the half hour but it's the only clock in the living room so the incessant ticking lives on. It's so loud people who sleep over here in the guestroom downstairs often ask to stop the racket while they try to get to sleep. I know it's got sentimental value for him but it's fugly. I evilly wish it would fall off the wall. What a good wife I am.


Things to do before bed:
1) Make my lunch for work
2) Sweep the kitchen floor
3) Put out my clothes for the morning
4) Write in my diary (yes, I still do it even though I blog). Why? I dunno.
5) Read my Archie comic. You heard. Wanna make something of it? It's a vice. Everybody's got one.

Well, bed is looking really good right now so I'm going. And from the looks of the list above I've got a few things to do before I get in there. You have just read another stellar blog by yours truly. I'll bet you wish you had that time back, don't you? Eh? Be honest. This NaBloPoMo thing is tough. Especially when I have nothing to say. But that's never stopped me before.