Monday, November 6, 2006

I'm a working woman now

I just got through my first day at work. It really is overwhelming the sheer amount of clothes we have to go through. The room we're in is piled to the ceiling with garbage bags full of clothes for sorting. I'm not even exaggerating. To go to the toilet I had to scramble over them to get out the door and to leave for the day I had to use the front door as the back door was blocked with bags.
I learned the computer system and how they choose clothes to keep and toss. And they are really picky. Which is good because the clothes they end up selling are extremely good quality.
We had lots of laughs today too. You wouldn't believe what people put in bags. It's as if they're actually putting garbage in those bags. If your baby pukes out their pea soup all over his white Gap sweater, don't send it to consignment, people. Same goes if your daughter wore those OshKosh overalls when she was a baby. In 1982. No thanks.

The girls are so nice and friendly. I met Diane, Candice, Ivana, Tara and Linda. Oh and how can I forget Gurudeep? She's a yoga instructor and was given her name by a yogi. Her old name was Nicole. Interesting, eh? What a first day. I'll definitely be enjoying this job. First time in ages and you know what? No stress. But I am exhausted. See you tomorrow.

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